In August of 1980, after about five years in the FF / COBU, I decided to get out before I got too old. However I made a foolish decision.  I figured that Stewart Traill was right, and at best Church Christians were lukewarm. And since there was no way I could ever live up to the fellowship’s standards (at least most of the time), since I was out of “fellowship,” I’m certain I’m going to hell. (At that time Traill preached, especially toward the Older Brothers, that if we didn’t shape up, we would be unworthy of Christ.)  And since I’m going to hell, I might as well enjoy the ride. If Jesus is who He said He is, then He’ll come and rescue me. (I was referring to the Good Shepherd tract.)

It took many years before I came to my senses. When I recognized that the Lord is God, I rededicated.  However much of the ways of COBU were still in me. And although I was informed of the “grace” meeting, I still thought that Stewart Traill was a man of God. But the Holy Spirit knew this and placed me in a Spanish speaking church. Whenever I spoke a cobuism, it would normally be responded with “What’s that? ” or “No entiendo.”  At work there was a godly wise man who immediately discipled me so I wouldn’t misrepresent Christ at work or with friends and family. Anyway, there’s a lot more to the story but I did say it’s a quick testimony. Sincerely, JW.


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